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 THe Spark family

Working together so intensely means that we all know each other inside out by the time beer is in tank. We're family. These are a few members of the SPARK family, some details of their project and things they say about working with us.


 Victor’s Place

Spark K5 500L brewhouse on the Fleurieu Peninsula, SA

Three winemaker friends who are passionate about great food and drinks decided to set up a winery + brewery in one of Australia’s greatest wine regions.

Brewer Luke after first batch:

Put the first brew through the K500 yesterday. Went as smooth as possible for the first brew day.

Machine ran great the whole time and very happy with the set up and usability!


All is going well with the gear.  We have put on five brews now and we are pleased with how everything has performed


I am happy to share our good experience with anyone who is interested in your systems.  Happy to recommend what we feel is a very good piece of gear.


David whittaker

Manly Spirits: Sydney

Production distillery

David is a chemical engineer, who has had a career making sure refineries were made to exacting specifications for Caltex. He brought this focus and diligence to the design of his still to ensure that Manly Spirits products are the best possible.


Burnley Brewing

SPARK K5 with 4 stacked 1,000L fermenter / brite tanks at the brewery bar (approx 2.5 booths) and 2 more stacked tanks in the front window for the front bar.

Delicious Italian food complemented by expertly brewed beers by Michael, Burnley's German trained brewer. Don’t miss their Oktoberfest!


White Brick brewing, in northlakes Brisbane

Adam Gibb built White Brick Brewing Co. as a hub for his local community.

15hL 3 vessel electric brewery

I loved being able to talk to Julian as an Engineer. It was critical for me that our brewery supplier was in Australia to ensure good support, in terms of spares, technical knowledge and advice.

I felt confident that my project would be a success as Julian knew what he was talking about and helped with the important design and layout phase.

3 Revel.jpg

Revel brewing co, in bulimba brisbane

15hL 3 vessel gas fired brewery

We chose Spark because they offered a lot more than just buying a brewery, they gave us advice on all aspects of the business, including helping to find a brewer.


Sauce beer

20hL 4 vessel brewery in Marrickville, Sydney

We chose to buy our brewery equipment from Spark, because they were easy to work with, the price was correct and existing customers gave them glowing references.


15 hL 3 vessel brewhouse in Albany, WA

"The quality of SPARK's equipment stood out for us"

SPARK's initial engineering support and system planning were a huge help

SPARK were "easy and straightforward" to work with

Bright Tank Brewing Co.

10hL 3 Vessel Gas Fired Brewhouse in East Perth

Caleb with Matt and Gemma during installation.

Spark were always available for assistance and advice at all stages of our project.

Spark really looked after us and cared about making our project a success.