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Australian quality commercial brewing and distilling equipment


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Spark breweries and distilleries supply commercial brewing and distilling equipment. Our commercial breweries range in size from 5hL (small in venue systems) to 80hL large distribution breweries.

Our Australian engineers design our breweries and distilleries to the highest Australian standards and are based in Melbourne offering local support to our customers.

Our digital control systems allow small businesses to develop and produce the world’s best beers and spirits by allowing precise and repeatable process control.



We ensure the success of our clients by supporting the regulatory, technical and commercial aspects of a project before, during and after facility construction. 

We work closely and passionately with you to help make your dream into a successful business.


From Compact venue breweries, to Production Breweries, to Distilleries.


With Systems installed across the country, Spark Engineering is proud to be a part of some of Australia's most exciting breweries and distilleries.