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We supply complete all grain brewing systems and distilleries. Our breweries range in size from our venue brewery, the 5hL SPARK K500 to 80hL large distribution breweries.

SPARK was started when we realised our passion and knowledge about craft beer combined with Engineering and Commerce degrees put us in a unique position to help breweries start up, by providing well thought out equipment along with a good understanding of the business landscape and regulatory framework.

Our Monash trained, Melbourne based Australian engineers design our breweries and distilleries to the highest Australian standards, with comprehensive installation instructions and support, before, during and after install.

Our digital control systems allow small businesses to develop and produce the world’s best beers and spirits by allowing precise and repeatable process control.



We ensure the success of our clients by supporting the regulatory, technical and commercial aspects of a project before, during and after construction. 

We work closely and passionately with you to help make your dream into a successful business.

The more information you can give us about your project, the better we’ll be able to assist with your enquiry.

Watch the brewing process on the patented SPARK K500 compact 500L brewhouse at Burnley Brewing Co in Melbourne Australia

From Compact venue breweries, to Production Breweries, to Distilleries.


With Systems installed across the country, Spark Engineering is proud to be a part of some of Australia's most exciting breweries and distilleries.


Equipment finance

by BFL

We always recommend BFL to people seeking equipment finance. From our experience of over 20 projects using BFL finance, they are easy to deal with for both us and you and by far the fastest and most responsive finance provider.

Quick approval process: BFL understand the Craft Brewing & Distilling industry and can tell you immediately what documents they need

Buy the right size equipment for a properly profitable business: using BFL's equipment finance

Your growth plans, your system: not the bank assessor's

Grow your business: by keeping your investment capital

Cashflow planning made easy: with fixed monthly rentals  

BFL are also a major supplier of barrels to the Australian market and can supply barrels for any of your craft beverage requirements.


*Rental payments don’t begin until after your equipment is delivered

*No additional fee to pay out your contract early

*No establishment, application or loan fees