Spark Breweries & Distilleries


We pride ourselves in engineering and building brewing and distilling solutions configured to suit your venue. From 5hL to 80hL, direct electric, gas fired to steam brewing and distilling, our 2, 3 or 4 vessel systems can be designed to cater for every project.


Compact venue breweries

At 5 and 10HL, the SPARK K500 and K10 (international patent) nano breweries are compact and inexpensive. The venue systems allow easy CIP cleaning and accurate batch repetition. Brewing and serving on site is made easy by digital controls that govern brewing, fermenting and direct serving tanks - no kegging needed. Here are some more images.



commercial distribution breweries

Optimised for multi-batching, Spark 2, 3 and 4 vessel production systems grow easily with your business. They are easy to install and maintain and can have their layout customised to suit your space and preferences. The production systems are designed for 10hL, 15hL, 20hL, 30hL, 50hL and 80hL volumes.




Distilleries: whiskey, gin or both?

For production of any spirit, Spark builds hybrid pot/column stills and large custom traditional whisky pot stills. Interchangeable head shapes, selectable rectification column with adjustable reflux condenser on top and selectable gin basket give the distillery close control over their process. Steam fired or direct electric, the stills are easy to install and easy and safe to use.





Precise, repeatable, high quality brewing on any scale is made easy with our digital control systems. Own Your Process - dial in towards perfection batch by batch with accuracy and consistency.

Our control system makes installation easy - all hardware is included, such as variable speed drives for pump control and phase controllers for elements, minimising the amount of electrical parts and work needed on site.

Spark systems achieve excellent brewer ergonomics with overview and control of both brewhouse and fermentation cellar.