THe Brew-pub machine

We designed the Spark K5 500L brewhouse here in Melbourne, with the aim of producing a proper, professional brewery that fits compactly within a venue, is ergonomic to use and clean.

So your whole brewery can fit behind your bar or in other small spaces, we have stacked our fermenters and brite tanks, halving the space required for fermentation. Beer can then be served directly from the brite tank to the customer, for a fresher, more immediate experience of your beers. No more kegs required. Save the time and effort usually used on kegwashing for other aspects of your business. Without kegs, you no longer need a cool store and you don’t have to worry about anyone being hurt moving kegs.

We have now released a double sized version of the K5 brewhouse, the K10 (1000L), so you can make double the beer per batch, for an incremental increase in the compact footprint: more beer for less man hours. The K10 is ideal if you are thinking about distributing some of your production once you’ve established your brew pub, or if you have a very large venue.

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